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Please join us at Internship Connect!

Internship Connect will help you build your brand among RISD students, meet and talk about who you are and what you do, and identify talent to meet your needs.

Maximize your experience!

  • The focus of this event is on networking and information sharing

  • Students will want to engage in brief and friendly conversation to learn about you

  • Be prepared to discuss the internships you have and what you seek in applicants

  • Post your internships for the RISD wintersession (January - mid February) and/or for the summer on ArtWorks in advance of attending

  • Provide specifics regarding the skills you seek in interns

  • Offer suggestions to students on portfolio work for their applications

  • Give timeline for your application process and next steps

  • Provide: contact information so students can follow-up, business cards, info about your organization and internships, and swag. 

Post Your Internships Today!


Log in to ArtWorks to post your internships and other opportunities for students to view before Internship Connect.

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