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Hear everything you need to know to meet with companies at Internship Connect Remote! Learn how to speak with professionals and how to get the most out of this remote event. Find out how to leverage LinkedIn to research companies and build your professional network.

Recorded on 10/12/2022


What is Internship Connect Remote?

Internship Connect Remote provides a rare opportunity to meet remotely with art and design professionals in your field of interest. This event is one of the best ways to learn how to network with employers who are interested in RISD students and may lead to finding your next internship or art opportunity.



How can I prepare to meet with professionals?

Evaluate companies and organizations registered in ArtWorks for Remote On Campus Interviews (OCI). Keep an eye on the Participating Companies page leading up to the event. 
Prioritize the companies and organizations you want to meet with. Research their websites, follow them on social media, learn about their staff on LinkedIn and search for them in the news and industry publications.
Formulate custom questions for each company and organization you are meeting to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in them. Be ready to draw meaningful connections between their work and yours. 



What do I say to professionals?

The Introduction: Begin by thanking the professional for meeting with you, tell them your name, year in school and major. Explain why you are interested in them and how your skills and interests would be useful to them as an intern.
Your story: What do you want to do? What are your goals? What do you enjoy? What are your passions? What skills do you have? Write it down. Talk it out. Practice your pitch. Nobody knows you better than you. Be confident - they are here to see you!
Types of Questions to Ask:

What types of internship opportunities are available?
Can you tell me about your role in the organization?
What are you looking for in a potential intern?
How are interns involved in the work of the company?
Where can I find your internship postings when you have them?
When is the best time to apply?
Are your internships paid or unpaid, and would I be able to earn academic credit for the experience?


You can also meet with a Career Center staff member to discuss your approach. 



Do I show my portfolio at Internship Connect Remote?

There is not enough time to share your full portfolio, but sharing a portfolio sample may be possible.The focus of this event is on networking and brief discussions. If things go well with your meeting, you may request a follow up meeting to share your portfolio as part of a deeper conversation.

Tip: Include a URL to your online portfolio or demo reel on your resume!

All professionals you applied to meet with at Internship Connect will receive your resume and will be  strongly encouraged to welcome your outreach.

Is there remote etiquette I should know?

Before meeting employers

  • Make sure your laptop is charged.

  • Test your camera/video, Wi-Fi, and screen sharing ahead of time to be sure everything is working properly. Consider using an ethernet cable between your computer and router for an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Keep background distractions to a minimum, remember that others will be able to see your space when your camera is on. Also try to eliminate unnecessary noise that may be nearby.

  • Good lighting will improve the video quality so you can be seen easily. Overhead lighting or an extra nearby lamp may be helpful. Make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you. Being backlit will make it difficult to see your face.

  • If you choose to use a Zoom background it may distort your appearance. Test the background in advance to be sure your image isn't pixelated.

  • Use your full name for your profile and considering using your preferred pronouns.

  • Take care in your appearance to earn a positive first impression. 

  • Be prepared for other remote platforms such as Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

During Internship Connect Remote

  • Join the meeting with your audio on. Using headphones with a microphone may improve sound for you and the employer.

  • Turn your video on to indicate your interest and attention.

  • Turn off all notifications and make sure your cell phone is silenced.

  • Be sure you can be seen on camera, you should be seated so others can see your torso, face and the top of your head.

  • Be present while employers and/or others are speaking. Your posture, body language and non-verbal cues will let them know you are respectful, attentive and engaged.

  • Eye contact is important and engages the other person. Practice looking into your webcam as you talk, rather than looking at the video of yourself in the corner of your screen. 


What if I need immediate HELP during Internship Connect Remote?

The Career Center will be on call to assist with any last minute questions or concerns throughout the duration of the event. Whether you have a technical question or if you're having second thoughts about an important upcoming meeting, or you're unsure about something an employer told you. Send email or call 401-454-6614. 

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