Prepare For Internship Connect

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Date and place to be determined by September 1, 2019
If you missed it, you can watch this Prep to Connect archive

Prep to Connect presentation chapters:

  • 1:21 Who is Going?

  • 2:07 Check Out the Internship Connect Website

  • 4:35 Find Internships in Artworks

  • 6:09 A Preview of Who is Coming

  • 9:27 What is it Like at Internship Connect?

  • 12:28 How Can I Prepare? 

  • 16:57 What Do I Bring?

  • 24:27 Research the Employers Beforehand

  • 28:31 What Do I Say? 

  • 34:30 Following Up

  • 40:25 Meet with a Career Advisor

Student FAQ

What do I bring to Internship Connect?

These are items to consider bringing with you to Internship Connect.

(Note: The Prep to Connect Workshop covers these topics in full detail.)


  • Dress to impress

  • RISD ID - required

  • Resumes - required

  • Business Cards

  • Portfolio Samples

  • Creative leave-behinds for a lasting impression

  • Folder to collect employer business cards

Who are the companies and organizations that are coming?
How does Internship Connect work?
  • Check out the Participating Companies 2019 link at the top of the page to find the latest updates.

  • Prioritize the companies and organizations you want to meet with.
    Look at their websites. Follow them on social media. Learn about them on LinkedIn.

  • Formulate a question or thought specific to the company/organization you are meeting to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in them.

  • Learn more about how to research employers in the Prep to Connect Workshop.

  • 70+ companies are coming to meet with 550+ RISD students at the Rhode Island Convention Center to promote their internships and to network for future employment opportunities.

  • Look for internships in Artworks in advance of the Internship Connect event.

  • Some companies and organizations will have multiple representatives and will meet briefly with small groups of students, in other cases one representative will meet with one student at a time.


  • Waiting lines may form to meet with some companies and organizations, be prepared to take your place in line to ensure you will be able to talk with them. Conversations should be limited to 2 to 3 minutes out of respect for the students waiting behind you.


  • Meet with as many companies and organizations as you’d like.

  • Learn more about networking and etiquette in the Prep to Connect Workshop. (see video above)

What do I say to employers at Internship Connect?
  • The Introduction: Tell them your name, year in school and major. Talk about what you know about them and how your skills and interests would be useful to them as an intern. 

  • Know Yourself: What do you want to do? What are your goals? What do you enjoy? What are your passions? What skills do you have? Write it down. Talk it out. Practice your pitch. Nobody knows you better than you. Be confident - they are here to see you!

  • Types of Questions to Ask:

    • What types of internship opportunities are available?

    • Can you tell me about your role in the organization?

    • What are you looking for in a potential intern?

    • How are interns involved in the work of the company?

    • I have a resume and portfolio sample, would you like to see them?

    • May I have your business card and email address so I can follow up with you?

  • Learn about a more in-depth strategy in the Prep to Connect Workshop.​ (see video above)

Do I show my portfolio at Internship Connect?

Bringing a portfolio sample that you can leave behind is a great idea but not a full portfolio. Please keep in mind that this is not a formal portfolio review and meeting time is limited. The focus of this event is on networking and information sharing. 

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