Student Sign-Ups

Signing-up to meet with professionals at Internship Connect in ArtWorks is easy! A resume is required and advance preparation is strongly recommended. Learn all you need to know in the step-by-step process slides.

Sign ups open:

Day 1 -Thursday, 10/22/2020
7:00 pm: Limit 3 meetings

Day 2 - Friday, 10/23/2020
12noon: Unlimited meetings

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have class at the time of scheduled meeting, you MUST get permission from your faculty for an excused absence prior to attending.

Eligible Students:
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, 5th Year and All Graduate Students

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Update your ArtWorks profile before 10/22/2020

  2. You must upload a current resume to participate in Internship Connect

  3. Create your top list of Companies / Organizations in advance

  4. Log in to ArtWorks on 10/22/2020 at 7PM EST

  5. Click on OCI and Jobs on the left, then..

  6. Click OCI tab at the top of the page, then..

  7. Apply to an OCI of interest, then..

  8. Sign Up for an "Interview" time slot, then..

  9. Go back to #6 to apply to the next OCI you're interested in and sign-up for an "Interview" time slot


Tip: Use the "Upcoming" window in your ArtWorks dashboard to see the schedule of OCIs that you are signed-up for at Internship Connect.


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