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Jump-start your internship search by attending Internship Connect!

Internship Connect will provide you with a networking opportunity to meet with 60+ art and design professionals from a range of companies, firms, studios, start-ups, and organizations to learn about available internships for wintersession and next summer.


This event will enable you to:

  • Meet and talk with art and design professionals who hire interns

  • Learn about a wide variety of internships and how and when to apply for them

  • Understand what companies and organizations seek in applicants

  • Introduce yourself to make a lasting impression for upcoming opportunities


Be Prepared!

  • The focus of this event is on networking and information sharing

  • Bring multiple copies of your resume, business cards and a sample of your work

  • Be prepared to ask questions and offer your materials

  • Request emails and contact information for follow-up

  • This is not a formal portfolio review and meeting time is limited

  • Additional information on how to get ready for the event can be found here

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