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How does Internship Connect Remote work?

Internship Connect Remote 2020 is a new and effective way to scout for talented RISD students. The event will be held on Wednesday, October 28th from 6-9pm EST.

Students will sign-up in advance to meet with you via Zoom at Internship Connect for 10 minute appointments.



Companies and organizations can register here to participate.


The Career Center encourages you to enlist multiple representatives to attend so you can meet with as many students as possible. One schedule will allow you to meet with up to 15 students.


When you register you’ll indicate your RISD majors of interest, the representatives' names and titles, and their unique Zoom IDs.


There is a flat fee of $50 to participate in Internship Connect.


Event Schedule


The Career Center will send you the  schedule of the students you'll meet with including their resumes and application documents on 10/26/2020.


At the event on 10/28/2020, each student on your schedule(s) will join your Zoom ID at their designated time for a 10 minute conversation.


The Career Center will also provide resumes and application documents for any student that didn't make it onto your schedule so you may network with them as well.

Why is Zoom a requirement?

Zoom is the official video conferencing platform at RISD and used by all students. By requiring Zoom for Internship Connect Remote, we hope to avoid any technical challenges by simplifying communication methods for this fast-paced event. A Zoom Pro account with unlimited meeting durations for $15/month is available at Zoom.us/pricing.​

Each representative supporting a schedule will provide a unique Zoom ID. Students will use this ID to join you for their scheduled meeting time.

If two representatives want to meet on a single schedule, only one Zoom ID will be needed.

Don't have a Zoom account?

If you have questions about using Zoom the Career Center is here to assist you! Contact us at: risdcareers@risd.edu and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

Preparation is key for an exceptional experience. Companies or organizations with robust recruitment operations are strongly encouraged to enlisting multiple representatives to manage multiple schedules to maximize your engagement with students.



What are common discussion topics?

Students are eager to learn about your working environment, plans for recruitment and what you look for in creative staff. Career advisors recommend the following information and questions to students in preparation for the event.


Students are advised to share an introduction including their skills, interests and career objectives. Students can share their enthusiasm for your company or organization, and to explain where they see areas of compatibility with your work. 

Common student questions are:

What types of internship opportunities are available?

Can you tell me about your role in the organization?

What are you looking for in a potential intern?

How are interns involved in the work of the company?

May I have your email address so I can follow up with you?

How should I manage my Interviewees with Zoom?

Interviewers are responsible for managing their schedule/s. Students are instructed to their scheduled Zoom meeting no more than one minute in advance. You and the student should plan to end your meeting promptly out of respect for your next student interviewee.

Preparation and familiarity with the Zoom platform will ensure a productive meeting for both parties. Consider using a Zoom waiting room to prevent incoming students from disrupting your meetings in-progress. If you have an additional staff member that can serve as receptionist, you may be interested in Zoom breakout rooms

Testing your Zoom meeting with someone outside of your corporate network is strongly advised. Technical issues will disrupt your fast-paced schedule so as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. 

IMPORTANT: The free version of Zoom has a 45-minute limit on all meetings. Upgrade Zoom for unlimited meeting durations. 

Note: Not all employers are using Zoom and have coordinated their alternative with the RISD Career Center in advance. 

If you are having trouble with Zoom, contact their support staff for immediate help. 

If you are having trouble with your schedule and/or ArtWorks, contact us at risdcareers@risd.edu

What if I don't have internships available?

Employers are encouraged to post their open positions in ArtWorks, however, Internship Connect Remote does not require that you have a current opening/s to participate. This event is intended to help you build your talent pipeline for future recruitment. Internship Connect Remote enhances students' professional skills and solicits feedback and advice from professionals like you! 

Does RISD support remote internships?

Yes! The following Guidelines for Remote Internships are highly recommended for effective remote internship experiences. These guidelines are based on NACE best practices and were used successfully by over 100 employers who hired RISD students for summer 2020. 



What if I have a problem during the event?

The Career Center will be on call during the event on 10/28/2020 from 5 to 9PM EST. Contact risdcareers@risd.edu or call 401-454-6622 for prompt assistance. 


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