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What to Expect at Internship Connect

Student Checklist

These are items to consider bringing with you to Internship Connect


  • RISD ID - required

  • Resumes - required

  • Business Cards

  • Portfolio Samples

  • Other Creative Leave-behinds

  • Envelope or folder to collect company/organization business cards.

Meeting with Companies and Organizations
  • Companies and organizations will be prepared to talk with students on a first come first served basis.


  • Some companies and organizations will have multiple representatives and will meet with small groups of students, in other cases one representative will meet with one student at a time.


  • Waiting lines may form to meet with some companies and organizations, be prepared to take your place in line to ensure you will be able to talk with them.


  • Meet with as many companies and organizations as you’d like and get the details from them about the opportunities they have.


  • Be sure to ask about how to follow-up: request the name and email addresses of those you talk with and/or the name and contact information of the person you should follow-up with.


  • Career Center Staff will be on hand at the event to assist you and answer questions.

Speaking to Companies and Organizations
  • Know Yourself: What do you want to do? What are your goals? What do you enjoy? What are your passions? What skills do you have? Write it down. Talk it out. Practice your pitch. Nobody knows you better than you. Be confident.

  • The Introduction: Tell them your name, year in school and major. Talk about what you know about them and how you see yourself fitting in as an intern.

  • Types of Questions to Ask:

    • What types of internship opportunities are available?

    • Can you tell me about your role in the organization?

    • What are you looking for in a potential intern?

    • Have you hired RISD interns in the past? 

    • How are interns involved in the work of the company?

    • Do interns work on special projects during the internship period?

    • How long do internships typically last at your organization?

    • I have a resume and portfolio sample, would you like to see them?

    • May I have your business card and email address?

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